“Investing in the movie business is not stupid - its smart.  Make sure your film has a ‘gap’ in the market.  Make sure you deliver quality and and your film contains  material never seen before.  Make sure your marketing strategy encapsulates the entire world.  Make  sure your film is made with the ‘secret’ ingredient:  ‘LOVE’.    Nurture your film like a loved child.  Tell the world about how wonderful it is.  Word of mouth can transform your original idea into millions of dollars & inspire new thoughts, dreams & hopes in a global audience...”

“It does not matter what kind of business you are thinking about - no other industry on the planet has the potential of taking a RAW IDEA, and within 18 months, transforming that idea into a hundred million dollars... That’s the Movie Business in a nutshell!”

CHRIS EVERARD, British Film Director

“Films change people’s lives.  A film can trigger a revolution” Orson Welles


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This WEBSITE is OWNED AND OPERATED BY Christopher Everard & The Enigma Motion Pictures Organisation of London, England. THE SECURITIES OFFERINGS ON THIS SITE ARE AVAILABLE ONLY TO “ACCREDITED INVESTORS” – this generaly implies people who are aware of how investments are managed and who have good spare amounts of money in order to invest in shares, or partake in shared ownership of companies and projects.  GENERALLY, many countries have financial oversight bodies which, as a general rule, state that PERSONS should ideally HAVE A NET WORTH OF OVER $1 MILLION (EXCLUSIVE OF RESIDENCE) OR INCOME IN EXCESS OF $200,000 INDIVIDUALLY OR $300,000 JOINTLY WITH A SPOUSE. Any Shares, securties and inter-share offers ARE SUBJECT TO LEGAL RESTRICTIONS ON TRANSFER AND RESALE and INVESTORS SHOULD NOT ASSUME THEY WILL BE ABLE TO RESELL THEIR SECURITIES. INVESTING - no matter how small or large, INVOLVES an element of RISK, and it is a general rule of thumb that investments should only be undertaken by INVESTORS who can BEAR whole or part loss of their INVESTMENT. ALL INVESTORS SHOULD MAKE THEIR OWN DETERMINATION OF WHETHER OR NOT TO MAKE ANY INVESTMENT, BASED ON THEIR OWN INDEPENDENT EVALUATION AND ANALYSIS. THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER OF, OR THE SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO BUY OR SUBSCRIBE FOR, ANY SECURITIES TO ANY PERSON IN ANY JURISDICTION TO WHOM OR IN WHICH SUCH OFFER OR SOLICITATION IS UNLAWFUL. YOU CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT INVESTING IN PRIVATE PLACEMENTS FROM THE SEC, FISA OR FINRA.

We very much promote frank, open and honest information about investment in the Film Industry.  We are very happy to discuss with individuals and corporations how to strategically plan their investments so they may take advantage of TAX BREAKS which exist in many countries.  We can also discuss what RISKS are involved.  We hide absolutely nothing from any potential investor - you are welcome to question us about every aspect of our Shares & Movie Making experience.