We release our own films digitally on our own online TV networks and on our own Virtual Cinema platform.  Long, long before Torrents, YouTube, iTunes & Netflix get a chance, we capitalise on our own in-house produced movies with paid-per-view and “DIY DVD Downloads”.   Long after we have capitalised on the success of one of our movies, the Viral Video-Sharing sites then storm in and boost our profile and traffic.  We have so far successfully produced 16 films & had 1.27 Billion viral viewings.  We have developed an HD Video Search Engine which delivers premium HD content from the web direct to our viewers.  We are the first and only Premium Paid-Search HD Video Service in the world.  We are now releasing new films & launching new TV networks in seven languages.


Launched at the Royal Television Society in 1999, the enigma channel is the world’s first global online TV station and is now issuing some SHARES - enabling our global family of viewers to own part of their favourite TV station.

Our goal is that every enigma channel shareholder will make around 100% profit when our shares eventually become publicly available. CLICK FOR INFO

We protect our own in-house premium content using our own proprietary WORMCODE scripts which deter and annul Screen Recorders and unauthorised copying.

Further development in R&D will see a roll-out of WORMCODE scripts for Cable & Satellite Movie streams, eBooks and even Printed Books.

World leading


Anti Piracy Technology.

Capitalising on Success...

Protecting Digital Assets...

Free SEARCH ENGINES deliver both the good and the bad.  When it comes to HD Movies & TV Shows, no person wants to have their time wasted watching a Video which stutters with a fuzzy picture and then freezes just when it gets to the good part!  PREMIUM SEARCH filters out the dross beforehand, leaving the viewer with a selection of high quality HD Content.

Premium Search...

Our Track Record: Movies in the Digital Age.
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There are TAX ADVANTAGES to being a Film Fund Investor - they will explain how you can OFF-SET TAXES by becoming a movie producer on our Angel Investor Board.

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